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  • AAPL-3.37 - -3.39%
  • ^DJI
  • ^IXIC4470.64-144.36 - -3.13%
  • ^RUT995.19305-30.47345 - -2.97109%
  • MSFT-2.03 - -3.82%
  • QCOM-1.97 - -4.13%
  • EMC-0.02 - -0.08%
  • NOK-0.21 - -2.85%
  • OREO.OB+0 - +0%
  • TFER.OB+0 - +0%
  • FNMAS.OB+0 - +0%

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It used to be, when you said 'cheap stock' most people thought of companies on the brink of going under. But these days, cheap stocks have grown way beyond that, with value stocks that pop up in all sectors; and in the most surprising places. That's why smart investors should take a broad view of the market before jumping on the usual, obvious recommendations for Wall Street.

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